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Transitions School of Dance was founded in September of 2007 by Staci Shanton.   We offer the best in dance education in Southern Ohio with teachers who care about their students' growth and development both as dancers and as people. TSOD offers something for any level and age of dancer.  We have classes for recreational students who are looking to try dance as a hobby, for strength and coordination, for improving skills, to aid in development for other sports, or to gain self confidence.  We also offer a competitive team for the dancer aspiring to commit more time and energy to dance or even to pursue a professional career in this field.  We aim to provide a positive and encouraging experience for all of our students while upholding the highest standards of technique.  Our commitment to continuing education, 24 years of experience teaching, and our genuine passion for dance and our community and its children sets us apart!  Come join us for a class and see what we're all about!


Josie V 1.jpg

"TSOD has made such a difference in my children's lives.  They have grown in skill level, but they have also grown as individuals too.  My  son has fallen in love with it.  It has built his confidence to talk to others, stand on stage with hundreds of people watching him, and it's made him a stronger soccer player.  My daughter has a passion for dance and her confidence has always been an issue, but now they are helping her understand herself more and value that.  Our family has made lifetime friends from being at this studio and part of this team.  I will forever be thankful for this group of kids and teachers. "


"My daughter has danced at Transitions with Miss Staci for 11 years.  The studio is her happy place and she loves all of the teachers.  The culture of the studio is amazing.  The teachers and students are always encouraging and supporting one another.  We love TSOD."

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"The experience at Transitions School of Dance isn't just about is about discipline, commitment, confidence, hard-work, development and most importantly, friendship.  These dancers become a family, and for my 4 children, it has become a second home.  The staff of TSOD are passionate about the art of dance and love working with children of all ages. They have encouraged, pushed, supported, and loved my children as they have grown as dancers and humans.  We are eternally grateful for our dance family.  The memories we have created as part of the TSOD competition team will hold a special place in our hearts forever."

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