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Staci Shanton- Owner/Artistic Director/Teacher

Staci Shanton, originally from Waverly, Ohio is the owner, director, and teacher at Transitions School of Dance. Now in her 15th year of business, she hopes there are many more to come! Staci began dancing at the age of 8. She studied many styles of dance and competed both regionally and nationally for years. With many awards under her belt and having had the opportunity to study with different choreographers and teachers she graduated high school and was accepted at the University of Kentucky.

Staci began her undergraduate study as a Biology-Premedicine major. Here she danced with the University of Kentucky Wildcat Danzers. They too competed regionally and nationally and were awarded 6th in the nation that year with an appearance on ESPN. After just a year of undergrad, Staci decided she needed to be even more involved in dance. She auditioned and was accepted to Ohio University’s Dance Major program (which was ranked among the top ten in the nation) with a business administration minor. Here she studied with many choreographers and teachers such as Telly Fowler, Alwin Nikolais, Gladys Bailin, Kate Skarpetowska, Sean Curran, and Earl Mosley. She danced in many faculty and student choreographed pieces over the years. She also choreographed her own group and solo works. Staci taught two university dance classes to undergraduates while studying there. The dance curriculum at OU included technique, choreography, stage production, teaching, kinesiology, and dance history. In her last year at Ohio University, Staci decided to finish her degree in a study abroad program. She travelled to Queensland, Australia where she studied Modern, Ballet, Creative Industries Management, Kinesiology, and World Dance at the Queensland University of Technology for four months. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine arts and high honors and returned home to open her own business.

Staci has also had the privilege of attending the PULSE workshop where she studied under well known choreographers Mia Michaels, Brian Friedman, Lorie Ann Gibson, Chris Judd, and Shane Sparks.  She has also attended Showstopper's Convention and Shock the Intensive where she took classes with other well known teachers/choreographers (some from SYTYCD).  As a teacher, she has led her students to multiple National Title wins and accepted many choreography awards.  Staci tries to instill a sense of individuality and creativity in all of her students, but also the passion and dedication needed to be a great dancer. 

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